Over the next year, Pathways to an Open Grid (POG) will convene open workshops to review resource adoption forecasts, advanced capacity analysis, and locational net benefit assessments for distributed energy resources. The POG project team, comprised of experienced facilitators and analysts, will guide stakeholder discussions and collect useful data to develop a secure, internet-accessible platform with publicly accessible features to guide further conversations on how we reach 100% renewable energy in Hawai'i. 

Our process is driven by stakeholder participation. Please register for our upcoming meetings, or sign up for our mailing list to receive meeting notifications straight to your inbox. We look forward to working with you soon. 


September 7th: POG, O'AHU Program LAunch

The move to 100% renewable energy will challenge the electric grid. Learn how building a street-level map of the grid will help us keep the lights on and costs low.


September 21st: Crowdsourcing data for resource adoption scenarios

Want insight into the changing grid? Explore available, publically accessible and machine readable data needed for tracking the evolution of the grid.

distributionline02 (2).png

October 26th: Advanced Capacity Analysis Best Practices

Learn about hosting capacity practices underway in other markets like California and New York. Decide what methods make sense to incorporate here on Oahu.


December 5th: O'ahu specific advanced capacity analysis

How many Distributed Energy Resources can we safely add?  Use the most relevant methods for recommending the optimal mix of distributed energy resources on Oahu.


January 18th: Location net benefit analysis best practices

Learn about the data and tools being used in other markets to evaluate the location specific benefits and costs of integrating distributed energy resources.


February 15th: O'ahu specific Location net benefit analysis

Determine the value of “where and when” to deploy distributed energy resources. Help design the Oahu-specific formulas needed to estimate these locational values.


May 3rd: Putting the pieces together to build the O'ahu map

The POG, Oahu findings will be integrated and presented. Discover what the map can be used for and the inputs that are key to its design. 


June 7th: assessor o'ahu tool functional review

Be one of the first to explore and test the mapping software.  Join a select group to use the map and make recommendations for improving its functionality.


July 12th: Launch of Assessor O'ahu Tool

Let’s explore and celebrate the path forward to a 100% renewable energy future together. Get access to an interactive map of Oahu's distributed energy resources and evaluate their potential value to the community.