Kevala was highlighted as an innovative startup working on renewable energy in Hawaii, due to our development of the O’ahu Assessor map.

“We know what the end state will look like or the different ways that the future might sort of settle, but a lot will matter how we get there in the near term,” says Aram Shumavon, CEO and co-founder of Kevala. “Picking the right rate structures and the right policies to ensure a transition to higher penetration rooftop solar or to handle more wind – those are decisions that will need to be made in the next five to 10 years that will matter a lot for what the path to that end state really looks like.” Read more…

August 2, 2018: Mapping out hawaii’s Path to 100% Renewable Energy

Oahu was just the beginning, according to Kevala, the company will also start mapping out the power grids on the Neighbor Islands. Read more…


Google Project Sunroof is a solar calculator that maps the earth's solar potential, one roof at a time. Google has agreed to contribute Hawaii-specific solar PV potential data to the POG, O'ahu process. This will allow us to model individual building contributions to the 100% renewable energy goal under various rooftop PV penetration levels. Mahalo to Google Project Sunroof for making this important contribution to the POG, O'ahu Project!

September 20: Interview with Thinktech Hawaii

Aram Shumavon, CEO of Kevala Analytics, was interviewed by Jay Fidell and Veronica Rocha for ThinkTank Hawai'i's radio show on September 20, alongside guests Earlynne Mail, Manager of DER Operations at Hawai'ian Electric, and Ted Peck, CEO of Holu Energy to discuss hosting capacity and its use in helping Hawai'i reach its 100% renewable energy goal. 

September 9: Coverage in honolulu star advertiser

The POG project was featured in Honolulu Star Advertiser. Check out the article here. 

AuGust 28: Coverage in Pacific Business news

POG and Elemental Excelerator were featured in Pacific Business News. Check out the article here.